About Me

Anne_Barnes  Hi, I’m Anne Barnes, mental preparation coach and clinical social worker. 

  I help concerned parents who are actively seeking solutions and are ready to learn effective tools  to help their children learn how to develop more resilience, inner strength and self confidence related to  performance anxiety issues including:

  • Fear of failure and perfectionism
  • Sports and athletic performance

I first began using mind-body techniques as a clinical social worker with children needing assistance in managing anxiety and anger.

The most important things I learned and discovered is that:

  • A child under the age of ten experiences their world by perception: how things look and feel rather that logically analyzing information as adults do.
  • A child’s active imagination which usually contributes to creating anxious feelings can also be used to reduce stress and anxiety.    
  • Children are able to visualize, sense or feel things much more easily than adults.

One of my core values is empowerment and so I began teaching parents how to help their child access his inner resources and unconscious mind.  The results were very significant with parents reporting that their children were able to:

  • Manage their sports and test taking anxiety, stay focused and remain calm.
  • To sleep through the night and in their own bed.  

This inspired me to create a one-on-one  step by step mental preparation coaching program to help parents to be able to help their child  aged 7 to 11 involved in sports or the arts experience more confidence and emotional resilience in daily living AND to parent with more hope, courage and confidence…

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